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Healthy Lifestyle! A journey of changing your life to natural healings!
Welcome to this site for personal growth, naturally healing, joy and success. Changing your lifestyle to a more healthy life, healing it naturally! Health News, Healthy lifestyle, Natural Remedies! Dieting with herbal and nutritional supplements!  Start with putting your life into your own hands and not someone else hands. It is amazing how natural healing can give you a better physiological and psychological healthy lifestyle without prescription medicines and side effects!
After discovering my husband has cancer we opted to treat it without traditional treatments. He is using Immunology method. This has open our eyes to herbal and nutritional supplements, natural remedies, organic living and other health concerns. We are now natural healing enthusiast!

Diet, this includes changing your diet to organic fresh foods, juicing, lowering sugar intake drastically, adding herbal and nutritional supplements!
Detoxing the gut to help Leaky gut and candida. Our gut controls 80% of our immune system. It is essential to have a healthy gut to avoid other health concerns! I will be posting a lot of blogs on these subjects

Ways of usingEssential oils to help support and heal your health concerns. Essential Oils have been around for 5000 years and are well known for healing and supporting a healthy well-being! The natural remedies you can create with essential oils are endless! Read More on Essential Oils HERE
I will also be discussing Skin care! I have been an esthetician for over 10 years. We must take care of the skin we live in. I will share Skin care products, tips, and information about skin cancers.

A lot of the information that I'll be sharing will be from other reputable websites, ones that I have research.  I will only choose from the best!
So let me do the homework for you! I will basically keep it as short and simple as possible for an easy read!
I hope you enjoy my blogs as some may be silly, funny, matter of fact, serious,  and just real!
To contact me with any questions or if you would like to schedule a One on One consult to gradually change your lifestyle and How to apply  Essential oils to your daily life, you can reach me at

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