In-Spa Teeth Whitening
Men and Women across the nation are saying SpaWhite is the best alternative to the dental office for whiter teeth. Now you can get professional grade whitening at a fraction of the cost with much less sensitivity in a quick 15-30 minute SpaWhite treatment!
People demand instant results and SpaWhite delivers those results in the comfort of a spa. For most people, the average whitening results are an immediate 2-4 shade increase with a SpaWhite Express whitening and a 4-7 shade increase with a SpaWhite Silver whitening (30 min).
Smiles are age defying, so your new brighter smile will make you look and feel younger!
Fast as the Speed of Light
The Daylight 5K, a gentle cool blue LED light, used to accelerate the whitening process and the mild pressure on your teeth from our patented carbamide peroxide impregnated memory foam strips whitens your teeth in record time! There is no longer a need to sit in a dental chair for hours or spend several weeks using whitestrips or cumbersome bleaching trays. The Easy Way to Pamper Your Smile!
Say goodbye to uncomfortable cheek retractors and the sterile dental office environment. Now you can have your teeth whitened in a relaxing spa environment by a SpaWhite certified teeth whitening specialist.
Exceptional Value. No More Ridiculous Dental Prices!
Dentists charge unreasonable prices to whiten your teeth with similar technology. SpaWhite achieves comparable results without the cost. SpaWhite treatments start at $129 compared to most in office dental whitening’s of $300-$600.
Maintain your Spa White Teeth with
*Maintains your treatment results longe.
*No messy strips or uncomfortable trays.
*Whitens without causing sensitivity.
*Removes stains from coffee, tea, wine, tobacco.
*Keeps white teeth white.
*Easy to use — a light application is all you need
*Built-in mirror lets you use WhiteIce anywhere.

Until now, the only way to really maintain a white smile is to continue to bleach your teeth using trays and syringes from the dentist. There needed to be a better alternative.

That’s why WhiteIce was developed. It packs real whitening power in the most convenient form ever — there’s even a built-in mirror so you can use your WhiteIce anywhere. It fits in your pocket or purse, and is as easy to use as lip balm. Simply remove the cap, give the base a twist and rub a thin glaze of WhiteIce on your teeth. It combines with the heat and moisture in your mouth to release its potent whitening agent. Then, after it’s done is job — usually about ten minutes — it disappears, leaving you with a bright smile and minty-fresh breath.

The breakthrough that makes WhiteIce possible is the science of microencapsulation. WhiteScience uses a patent-pending method that encapsulates real peroxide inside tiny cells. This keeps the peroxide in a stable and storable state until it combines with the moisture and heat of your mouth. Then the tiny cells break down at varying rates, causing a time-release of peroxide on your teeth. The special binder that holds the cells in stick form also holds the peroxide tight against the teeth, using the slight pressure needed to apply the stick to your teeth.
As handsome as it is, WhiteIce is much more than a piece of cosmetic jewelry. It’s got real peroxide in an effective yet safe concentration. Its clever design lets you supply pressure, your body supplies heat, and exposure comes from using WhiteIce as often as daily. So you’ve got four out the five elements (peroxide, pressure, exposure and heat) needed for successful whitening. All that’s missing is light. And, with your new smile, there’s bound to be plenty of spotlights on you.

Keeping the Smile of a Lifetime with White Ice. ONLY $59
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